Björn Smedby – WHO FIC Lifetime Achievement Award 2012


Professor Björn Smedby, former Head of the Nordic Classifications Centre, receive the WHO-FIC Lifetime Achievement Award.


The Award

The Award was announced during the WHO FIC Network Meeting in Brasilia, at the gala dinner October 18, 2012. Unfortunately Björn could not attend the Brasilia meeting.



Presentation of Björn Smedby

During the ceremony in Brasilia a powerpoint presentation was performed by Lars Berg


Presentation av Björn 2012


·       Presentation in Brasilia (powerpoint slides)


The deliver of the Award

Professor Ruy Laurenti, Head of the Brazilian WHO-FIC Collaborating Centre in Sao Paulo, handed over the Award to Lars Berg, the present Head of the Nordic Collaborating Centre, on the behalf of Björn. 

Professor Ruy Laurenti 2012 Brasilia


Video interview with Björn

An video interview at the National Board of Health, Stockholm, Sweden with Björn Smedby was done by Ulla Gerdin some days before the Brasilia meeting. Because of technical problems with the size, this interview could not be shown in Brasilia.


This interview is divided in two parts, and available as a wav file.

·       Interview with Björn – part I (Experiences from Classification work)

·       Interview with Björn – part II (Classifications in the future)


Handover of the Award to Björn

Unfortunately professor Smedby was not able to come to Brasilia, but the present Head of Centre, Lars Berg, could bring the Award to Sweden and deliver it to Uppsala and Björn, in October 29, 2012.


Uppsala 003